Fable Cry, the theatrical scamp rock band from Nashville, TN, draws inspiration, musically and poetically, from all things imaginative, mythical, and spooky.  With a colorfully haunting melody and a flourishing sweep of the hand, they will weave their strand of tales and take you with them on a ride: from the eerie solitude of a dark forest to the wily seas, from the tippy top of a wind swept mountain pass to the grittiest alleyways of sordid scum!  They create a wildly unique experience and one that is not to be missed!

Their story began when Zach Ferrin first started putting his imagination to song.  The year was 2010, and he was determined to take the music, art, and stories he had been cultivating to one great platform where he could share them.  He and and his sister, former member Kirstie Ferrin, had half of what would become their first album written before they would have a title by which to call themselves.  The songs were all rambunctious, melodic, and wrapped in themes of legend and myth.  "Fable Cry" was born, and in 2011 they released their self-titled debut album.  Between the two of them they played guitar, violin, accordion, drums, bells, kazoo, ukelele, banjo, and cello, and they tried their best to include as much of it as possible in their live shows, along with humorous intros, crowd participation, and twistedly playful "Story Time" between songs.  

By the end of 2013, after 4 elaborate music videos, several national tours, and lots of writing, Zach decided that it was time to expand Fable Cry and build a band that could properly play these songs that were too big for him alone.  That void was soon filled by a cluster of amazing musicians and they immediately hit the studio to record and release their first single/music video together in the Autumn of 2014 entitled “Fancy Dancing”.  And the new Fable Cry was born.  

Now a full band made up of Jo Cleary (violin, vocals), Scott Fernandez (bass), and Rachel Gerlach (drums), they could perform the songs the way they had always been written, packed with energy and dynamics, while maintaining (and inevitably amplifying) the band's theatrics, costumes, makeup, and overall ruckusness, and developing this new and matured sound that they came to call, "Theatrical Scamp Rock".  They spent the next few months writing and recording what would become their Sophomore album, filled with songs inspired by life through classic horror tales, and originally spooky themes, entitled “We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are.”  After two more music videos to precede the album, it was released on August 25th, 2015.  

In January 2016, they hit the new year running by releasing their eighth official music video and are currently spending their time continually sharing their music both online and on the road!  


Fable: A fictitious narrative or statement. A legendary story of supernatural happenings in which animals and inanimate objects speak and act like human beings.

Cry: To scream. To utter a characteristic sound or call. Cry havoc. To give alarm without occasion. Proclamation. A pack of hounds. To cry out with such gusto.