"Fable Cry" album

Fable Cry's Debut album! Join them as they spin stories full of magic and myth and crusty pirates and outlaw scampers--- some you'll want to meet and befriend! Others you may want to steer clear of. 

"We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are" (Album)

A one way ticket to send you down a spooky path to your Grandmother's house of nightmares. Along the way, you’ll hear tales of revenge, horror, heartbreak, robbery, love, life, death and reanimation! A ride packed full of suspense and surprises, and tasty morsels that you are sure to enjoy.

"Fable Face" (t-shirt)

A pack of animal monsters, or a beautiful face?  Keep people guessing with this one of a kind gem!  

"Eye See You" (t-shirt)

The eyes glow in the dark.  Seriously.  It's like having night vision.